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Student Information

General Site Rules

  •  Private vehicles are to be parked in the student car park or on
     the side street.
  •  All students are to report to reception.
  •  The supplied High Visibility Vests are to be worn at all times.
  •  All safety signs are to be strictly followed (including speed
     limits, designated walk areas, smoking areas, PPE
     requirements etc.)
  •  Accidents, near misses or any safety issues are to be
  •  Please do your part and ensure the training centre is kept
     clean and tidy.
  •  Fighting, horseplay, practical jokes and rowdiness will not be
     tolerated on site.
  •  In the unlikely event of an emergency, personnel will be evacuated under the direction of a nominated safety coordinator and proceed to emergency evacuation area.

For information regarding Fee's, please refer to Fee's & Charges under Compliance.

Completing a Heavy Vehicle licence course? View the
Victorian Bus & Truck Drivers Handbook [PDF 3.53 MB]


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