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Skills for Victoria

Subsidised Training
The Victoria Training Guarantee

Vocational education and training is a great way to gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification that will improve your ability to enter the workforce or enhance your career or job prospects.

The Victorian Training Guarantee is making training more accessible to people who do not have a post-school qualification, or who want to gain a higher level qualification than they already hold.

The Victorian Training Guarantee entitles eligible students to a government subsidised place through one of Victoria’s many Accredited Training Institutes or private Registered Training Organisations.

Eligibility Criteria (June 2014)
Effective 16 June 2014, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (the Department) adjusted the eligibility criteria for the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) program, such that students are allowed a maximum of two (2) government subsidised commencements at the same qualification level across their lifetime. This is known as the ‘2 at level’ limit. The limit applies in addition to existing criteria and requirements.

For more information:
Victorian Training Guarantee - ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (June 2014) [PDF 240KB]

Frequently Asked Questions
Am I eligible for the Victorian Training Guarantee?
In 2016 you are eligible for a government subsidised training place if you:

 • Meet one of the following citizen/residency status:
    - Australian citizen
    - Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)
    - New Zealand citizen

 • and are any of the following:
    - A young person under 20 years (as at 1/1/2016)
    - An applicant seeking a higher qualification than the highest qualification already held
      in Australia*
    - You have not enrolled in more than TWO Victorian Government Subsidised courses
      in 2016 or currently undertaking more than two courses*.

 • OR refered to training under the following particular initiatives:
    - Asylum Seeker
    - Victim of Human Trafficking
    - Automotive Supply Chain
    - Retrenched Workers
    - Back to Work Scheme
NOTE: Training places are subject to admission requirements and availability.

*You can only commence up to two government subsidised courses at the same qualification level (other than Foundation Skills) in your lifetime, regardless of whether you complete them. There is no lifetime limit on the number of Foundation Skills courses you can commence.

What are the fees?
In 2016, the Victorian Government will help cover the cost of training in a government subsidised place. You may still be required to cover some of the cost by paying tuition fees.

Can you get assistance with paying fees?
Concessions are available for study at Certificate I to IV levels for Health Care, Pension, Veteran's Gold Card holders, or indigenous students studying in a government subsidised place.

Am I eligible?
Students must meet citizenship and other eligibility requirements for any government subsidised training at any course level.

What if I want to study but don't meet eligibility?
You can still study at your choice of training provider if places are available, but you may not be able to access a government subsidised tuition fee.

Where can I get more information?
Call in and see us at one of our Skill Centres or call us on 1300 307 286,
or email info@journeymanagement.com.au

or call the Victorian Skills Gateway Training Line on 131 823.
or visit www.education.vic.gov.au/victorianskillsgateway