Learning & Assessment

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How will learning occur?
Our programs bring together a number of learning opportunities, including:
small group workshops
tutorial and mentoring sessions conducted by skilled practitioners
accessible written and audiovisual materials linked to curriculum and job activities
workplace based tasks and activities linked to learning outcomes; and
opportunity for guided workplace practice and review.

How will students' be assessed?
Assessment is a comparison of a students' evidence of skills and knowledge (observed through daily work tasks) against the requirements of the National Standards.

Assessment of the student involves:
completing an information kit (that informs us of past and present work experiences) and list any other qualifications
reviewing other training you have participated in
discussing and evaluating your various skills with your supervisor
a practical assessment; and
an interview.

During the process you will be asked some assessment related questions and be requested to show evidence of your achievements.

Journey Management Group's Assessors/Trainers will visit your workplace or a site simulating your workplace to:

look at documents you have gathered which help to demonstrate the skills and knowledge relevant to your course of study;
confirm any workplace assessments as carried out by your workplace mentor; and
perform any assessments that may be required (this may include discussion about any documents gathered, workplace projects you have been involved in, observations of you at your workstation, and/or questions seeking information about your work practices.)

Completion of program
Upon the successful completion of your training program, Journey Management Group will issue a certificate or a statement of attainment (if only a part of the full qualification is completed). This certificate will be issued and recorded under the Victorian Qualification Authority.