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Traffic Control & Management
This course is aimed at ensuring the safety of workers, the public, infrastructure and plant & equipment through the understanding and application of relevant laws, regulations and best practice at all worksites in Victoria where traffic and works interface.

Our program is based on the Road Management Act (worksite safety-traffic management) Code of Practice in conjunction with the Australian Standards AS 1742.3-2002.

Units covered in the training are Nationally Accredited:

 • Control Traffic with a Stop Slow Bat; and

 • Implement Traffic Management Plan.

The purpose of traffic control management at a worksite is to ensure:
 • safety of the workers
 • safety of the travelling public
 • machinery has a clear path to conduct work.
 • the efficiency of work with least interruption to traffic.

2 days (Full-Time).

The course can be completed at Journey Management Group Skills Centre or can be arranged at participants Workplace.

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