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Construction Induction Card Training
From the 1 July 2008 all people performing construction work will require proof that they have completed a general OH&S construction induction for the industry.

The Construction Induction Card (formerly Red Card Training) will enable participants to work safely in the construction industry.
(PLEASE NOTE: If you currently have a Red Card you will not be required to attend the course.)

The Construction Induction Card course is recognised by WorkSafe for the registration of construction workers for OH&S induction.

The course is intended to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to operate safely in a work environment.

In short, the CIC aims to provide people with an understanding of:

 • OH&S law

 • Risks and Hazards in the industry

 • Risk management principles

 • Standards of behavior on sites

On Completion of the Course:
At the completion of this Construction Induction Card course, participants will be issued with a Confirmation of Completion slip.
Construction Induction Card Information

This Confirmation of Completion slip (which is valid for 60 days after training is completed) allows the participant to perform construction work while WorkSafe is processing their Construction Induction Card.

Pre requisites:
Proof of Identity (at minimum the ID provides proof of the participant's full name as well as a photo)

If acceptable identification is not presented, you will NOT be issued with a Confirmation of Completion slip and your details will not be forwarded to WorkSafe until such documentation is sighted.
1 day (Full-Time).

The course can be completed at Journey Management Group Skills Centre or can be arranged at participants Workplace.