Frequently Asked Questions

As the leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Geelong, with Industry Skills Centres located across Victoria, Journey Management Group (JMG) are pleased to answer your most common questions about our RTO, qualifications and funding programs.

General training, licence and course Q&A

Can I do just part of a Qualification?

Yes. JMG provide Part Qualifications for a number of different courses. For example, the Forklift course can be completed as a Part Qualification under the Certificate III in Driving Operations (Heavy General Freight) (TLI). We also offer Industry Skill Sets at Certificate III level as a funded option. These Skill Sets have been designed to cover the main competencies expected of an employee in industry.

What courses are offered at Journey Management Group?

JMG is pleased to offer training, assessment, accreditation and licensing across 20 areas, predominately at Certificate III. Main areas of study include:

Depending on the program, we offer both onsite training and E-learning where applicable. Please take a look at the full list of courses available through JMG.

Where are your training centres?

We’re proud to offer a network of Industry Skills Centres located around Victoria, including Geelong, Ballarat, Altona, Portland, Warrnambool, Hamilton and Bendigo.

How old can a learner be to undertake training at Journey Management Group?

High Risk Work: 18 years of age. Construction Induction Card: no minimum age. Heavy Vehicle: 19 years of age. Explosive Power Tools: 18 years of age.

How long will it take to complete the enrolment process?

All learners at JMG must complete enrolment forms and a Pre-Training Review. This takes around 30-40 minutes. This can be done in person at our Skills Training Centres up until 4pm Mon-Fri. Learners must supply their Licence and Medicare card for ID purposes.

How long will it take to get into a course? When is your next course starting?

We cannot always give specific dates for courses. We run a live booking system so we don’t offer dates unless the learner is:

  • applying for a short course
  • is Fee-for-Service (FFS), or
  • making the booking in person.

After enrolment is processed, learners will receive a call from the booking department advising of available dates. Note: courses are run on a regular basis but are dependent on learner numbers.

I have enrolled for two courses but have only received dates for one? Is this right?

Learners will generally complete one enrolment before commencing the next. Dates will be set for the second course once the initial course nears completion.

Can I complete one course by attending different session dates (i.e. complete the plant course by attending 1 day per week until all 5 days have been completed)?

No. Courses are designed to be completed in a set structure and in a required time period. However, Journey Management Group will adapt training if deemed necessary.

Do you run night courses? Or weekend courses?

We do not run night courses. We are able to provide weekend courses however they are held infrequently and are limited by the number of learners requiring a weekend course.

What is the government funding? Can I get my courses for free?

Funding eligibility is based on learners’ qualifications. Learners must be ‘up skilling’ from their current qualification (in any industry) to be eligible for Government funding. For example, if a potential learner is currently a tradesman they would have a Certificate III-level Qualification.

They would then be able to enrol into Certificate IV Qualifications and receive funding. Any university degrees or diplomas would automatically deem a learner ineligible as they would not be ‘up skilling’. Currently, Journey Management Group only offers funded training at certificate III level.

Our current funded courses include the ‘Heavy Vehicle & SE Plant Operative Industry Skill Set’, the ‘SE Plant Operative Industry Skill Set’, and the ‘Heave Vehicle Driver & Forklift Operator Industry Skill Set’.

Heavy Vehicle Training

I want to drive a school bus, what do I need to do?

You need a heavy vehicle licence to drive vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) greater than 4.5 tonnes or buses which seat more than 12 adults. You must have a current Australian car driver licence and meet the graduation criteria. You can apply for a Medium Rigid (MR) licence when you have held a car driver licence for 12 months.

What’s the difference between a synchronised gearbox & non-synchronised gearbox?

The synchronised gearbox on a truck is like the gearbox of a manual car. Essentially what it does is matches the speed of the gear to the speed of the output shaft before the gear is engaged. A non-synchronised gearbox entails double-clutch action, where you need to match the gearbox (input) shafts to the output gear you will be selecting.

Forklift Training

Can JMG provide forklift training on our company site?

Yes. JMG is able to provide onsite forklift training and assessment leading to both a WorkSafe High Risk Licence (LF) and the applicable Transport & Logistics Industry (TLI) National units of competence.

Onsite-based training and assessment activities must meet JMG & WorkSafe requirements. For more details please contact JMG.

Can I get a forklift licence without holding a driver’s licence?

Yes. As long as you are over 18 years of age and can provide 100 points of identification you can apply for a Forklift Licence.

Plant/Machinery Training

Do you provide bobcat courses?

Yes we do. A “bobcat” is a brand of plant machinery called a Skid-Steer Loader.

What’s the difference between a telehandler and an EWP?

A telehandler (non-slewing crane) is similar in appearance and function to a forklift, but has a single telescopic boom which can reach further forwards and upwards than most basic forklifts. An Elevating Work Platform (EWP) is a lifting platform on a boom, used for positioning personnel (with equipment / materials) for work in elevated areas. EWP training is available through Journey Management Group.

I just completed my High-Risk Work course with Journey Management Group and have been issued with my Notice of Assessment (NOA). How much time do I have to submit my NOA application at an Australian Post outlet?

You have up to 60 days to submit your Notice of Assessment application. For further information on how long it will take to get your licence; what to bring when you submit your NOA; the cost; and how to complete the application form visit WorkSafe.

I have lost my operator card. Can I have it replaced?

Yes. Learners can fill in a replacement card application form and pay administration fee of $50.00 (x1); $40.00 (x2); and $30.00 (x3) for JMG-issued cards. Learners will need to contact WorkSafe for relevant WorkSafe issued cards.