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    Roller TipTruck
Journey Management Group's Earthmoving Plant Training courses are designed to provide students' with the confidence and skills they will need to operate the machinery in compliance with site safety plans, OH&S regulations and State/Territory legislation applicable to workplace operations.

Earthmoving Information
Topics covered include:

  •  machine and general safety

  •  operator responsibilities

  •  pre-start inspection

  •  control functions

  •  start-up and shut-down procedures

  •  rules for safe operation.

The training is based on the National Core Curriculum and demonstrates how (through regular inspection and maintenance) an operator can ensure that the machine is in a sound, safe, mechanical condition prior to operating.

Other plant:

Journey Management Group has a professional plant training area provided for the plant listed above, however this doesn't mean we are only limited to training in these plant.

With trainers skilled in a diverse range of earthmoving plant we can also provide client site training in:

  •  Dozer

  •  Grader.