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2014 Quality Indicators - Summary Report
The Summary Report provides information about the RTO and a snapshot of results for the scales measured by the Learner Questionnaire (LQ) and Employer Questionnaire (EQ).

For each scale, the Summary Report presents information about the:
 • count of responses used to calculate the scale score;
 • average scale score; and
 • variation in scale scores.

Scores are reported on the response scale of 0 to 100, where 0 means ‘strongly disagree’ and 100 means ‘strongly agree’.

Results are provided for learners and/or employers depending on the data entered into SMART (Survey Management, Analysis and Reporting Tool) program.

This Summary Report can be used to analyse the number, average and variation of the survey responses. Comparisons can be made across scales, to previous reports, or between learners and employers.

Summary statistics
These indicators are based on a survey of 701 students and 14 employers. This sample represents 9.5% of students who commenced training with this organisation during the 2014 calendar year.

The students and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines.

Learners Employers
Average score Average variation Average score Average variation
Trainer Quality
89.1 13.6 81.0 15.4
Effective Assessment 85.6 14.4 77.4 10.0
Clear Expectations 85.1 14.9    
Learning Stimulation 82.9 15.3    
Training Relevance 83.8 15.0 78.6 12.6
Competency Development 82.4 14.0 72.3 7.6
Training Resources 86.1 14.8 78.6 13.4
Effective Support 85.5 14.4 75.4 8.1
Active Learning 79.7 14.3    
Overall Satisfaction 88.2 14.2 79.4 14.4